Booking Settings for Your Courts

Today we'll go over how to customize Booking Settings for your courts so members cannot create reservations too far into advance. We'll use:

  • 'Time in Advance a Court Can Be Booked'

  • 'Days in Advance to Show Court Availability'

Let's get started!

  1. Go to Settings > Booking Settings > General

2. From here, we'll select the 'Settings' tab

3. Next, we'll scroll down where we can customize various settings for Booking Settings.

4. We'll look for 'Time in Advance a Court Can Be Booked'

NOTE: Notice how you can create settings that will apply to all membership types at your club (see red arrow) OR you can create custom settings for each membership type present (see red squares).

5. From here, we'll look for 'Days in Advance to Show Court Availability'

By enabling this feature, your members will only be able to see available courts for booking X days in advance.

6. Lastly, we'll scroll for 'At What Time Last Reservation Day Should Be Opened'

NOTE: Leave this field blank if the LAST RESERVATION DAY for booking should be opened at the end of current day.

  • Example: Members can book 7 days out

  • On Day 8, if admin has not created a specified time for courts to 'open' (let's say 5am), then members will have to wait the 24 hours on Day 8 rather than 5am on Day 8 to be able to book again.

And that is how you can customize your Booking Settings to manage how far out your members can book courts or see open availability for reservations!

CLICK HERE to watch our full tutorial video to learn more!

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