In this article, we'll look at the new split billing feature for Instructor Pricing.

1) First, we'll go to Instructor Settings > Lesson Types:

2) From here, we can create a new Lesson Type, or edit a preexisting one:

3) Next, we'll go to Instructor Settings > Instructor Pricing :

4) From here, we can see the customizable pricing for lessons based on the instructor, Membership Type, and Lesson Type:

*****This price is set to be per member per hour or fixed rate

5) Now, we can go to the Instructor Scheduler and create a lesson (ex. Private Lesson) for a member:

Notice how here, the pricing is assigned $100 with tax (so $102.50) to this ONE member for the lesson.

However, it is important to note that the system doesn't know to assign pricing / reservation type, based on the number of participants selected.

Therefore, if the instructor or admin creating this reservation were to put 3 members into the reservation 'Private Lesson,' the system is going to charge the individuals $102.50 EACH since the Lesson Type is set up as a 'Private Lesson;' it will not automatically switch to 'Trio Lesson,' for example, and charge the 'trio lesson' rate because there are now 3 members assigned to this.

Therefore, it is important that the admin or instructor who is creating the Lesson Reservation, remembers to select the CORRECT LESSON TYPE for the number of participants for the billing to be assigned correctly as the system will not correct this for you (ex. 1 member for a private lesson rate, 3 members for a trio, etc.).

NOTE: If your Pros pay the club for their lessons and don't use the online payments:

  • You still need to setup Lesson Types and Schedule the Lessons in the system

  • Just don't attach pricing for their lessons in the Instructor Pricing


While on the Instructor or Expanded Scheduler click the time you want to reserve.

You will see Court Reservation in the top. If you want to schedule a Lesson click the TYPE

Then choose Lesson

Choose your Lesson Type. If you need something different that will need to be created on the desktop side of CourtReserve as shown above.

Select Lesson Type and schedule as normal.

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