Which emails count towards the 5,000 emails I get each month in CourtReserve?

Non-automated emails are the ones counted towards the allotted 5,000. This means automated emails for registrations / confirmations, updates, or cancellations for reservations and events, are NOT included in the 5,000.

Emails under 'Email Members' would be counted towards this amount:

  • Automated email: unlimited

  • Emails from 'Email Members' = 5,000

What happens if we go over the 5,000 emails allowed?

To receive an additional 1,000 emails, a charge of $5 will be added to that month's subscription fee.

Therefore, users will be charged an extra $5 for going over the monthly 5,000.

When does our club's email count reset for the month?

Each club's 5,000 email/month will reset on the date of their subscription billing cycle.

Therefore, if your club was charged for their subscription on the 18th of every month, the email count will reset the 18th of every month.

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