If we go to SETTINGS > BOOKING SETTINGS > General, can customize various restrictions and penalties for booking courts.

If we scroll down, we'll see these settings:

  • 'Hours before Reservation can be Cancelled Without Penalty' - if you fill in this box, players will now accumulate penalties every time they cancel past the allowed time.

  • 'Remove Ability to book after X Penalty Cancellations' - With this setting, the players that have accumulated too many booking penalties, would have to have an admin create reservations for them.

Note: this can be adjusted and/or reset as needed (see section below on how to view penalties on member accounts).

  • 'Prevent Member from Cancelling a Reservation within X Hours' - this will prevent members from cancelling which means that their paid reservation will not be refunded, and that this reservation will still count towards their allowed number of courts/reservations per week (if applicable).

Viewing Penalties on Accounts

For an admin to view the penalties on a member's account, you'll go to the Member's page. Under the DETAILS tab, if you scroll halfway down, you'll see their count:

It's important to note that HERE, you can adjust their # of penalties manually. Therefore, if you'd like to reset their penalties to '0,' you can.


Players will be notified about their penalties through the Member Portal:

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