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Dear Members,

On behalf of the (Pickleball / Swim / Tennis) Committee and Professional staff, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a reservation system for social play, clinics and events. After reviewing a number of software programs, we adopted "CourtReserve" which is a user friendly web-based app used by many private clubs around the country.

With the overall interest in tennis and pickleball increasing over the past few years, it has been increasingly more challenging for members to know when courts are free for general play. The purpose of the system is for members to be able to see what is scheduled on the courts at all times, and more importantly to be able to reserve a specific open court on a specific day and time for social and/or family use.

We have created a profile for all members (whether you are a tennis player or not) in the CourtReserve system. Please be on the lookout for an introductory message that will provide all members with their custom login instructions to their profile. From there you will be able to create your password and can then access the system online at and logging in or by downloading the CourtReserve app on your phone.

The professional staff is encouraging all members to start to use this system for court reservations but still understand that some would rather call in or send emails or text messages. These methods of communications will still be permitted but considering the lag in communications, these forms of communications may not guarantee or spot.

A complete list of reservation policies can be found on the CourtReserve App, on the club’s website and at the tennis pro shop.

For a tutorial on using the app, click on the video Here.

We believe that this reservation system will improve communications and allow for easy access to real time court availability. We all appreciate your patience as we work through the inevitable kinks at the beginning and welcome your feedback on the system as we continue to fine-tune our procedures. The system is live right now. Book away!

Should you have any questions please email us!
See you on the courts!


Director of Tennis

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