Below is some sample verbiage that you can copy, edit and use when sending your Welcome Email or an introductory letter to you players.

Steps to Getting SignUp on the CourtReserve App

in the Adroid and Iphone stores

1.Download the CourtReserve

2. Click Don't Have an Account in the bottom right corner

3.Search for ENTER ORG NAME

4. Create your account by choosing a membership and filling out the form.

5. Once you have an account then enter ALL Family members. Parents need to be in the system as well as their children

6. Enter all Billing and required information

7. Search the app and become familiar! Events are all of the classes, clinics and camps. Reservations are for booking courts. My Events and My Reservations are all of the future bookings and events you have signed up for.

Billing, Invoices, Payments & More

With the new CourtReserve Software there are a lot of new capabilities and options for everyone. Here are a few things to know:

You can either store a card or bank account information to pay for all fees.

You can pay manually yourself whenever you would like or I will run billing several times per month to keep up on balances owed. You will not be billed for any future events or lessons.

If something is paid for in advance and is cancelled you will be able to get a refund or it will be put back on your account for future use.

All events can be registered without paying initially and then when I run the billing cycles each month your payment type will be charged.

Private Lessons will be treated individually per client and you can stay up to date on what is owed and pay for manually or charged when I run billing cycles.

Note: Due to a high demand in private lessons already this season, you will be charged if you cancel the same day for any reason other than a legitimate emergency. I hate to do this but there is a waiting list and typically back lessons up and will not be able to fill a gap the same day. If you will be gone for a weekly scheduled lesson please let me know ahead of time so I can adjust and fill your time spot as needed.

You can still pay with cash or check but needs to be paid the first week of monthly events or per lesson.

If there is anything I can do for you to help understand or make any processes easier PLEASE let me know! The new app and software has made it so much easier for me and has given me more time to focus on you all and your tennis and pickleball!!

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