The Attendance Tracker add-on is needed if your organization wants to track daily attendance of players walking into and attending your facility. Please note this feature is not tracking check-ins, just simply marking players as attended so your can track foot traffic and report on attendance trends at your organization.

Use Cases (why should I use this feature)

  • You want to track foot traffic at your organization.

  • You want to track trends on what days/times are the busiest at your facility.

  • You want to see the player/members that are attending the most.

  • You need to track the players/members that attended on a certain day/time.


$15 / month*

*No charge for less than 10 total attendance records


  • To setup this add-on, click SETTINGS > ADD-ONS

  • Check the box to turn on the ATTENDANCE TRACKER and then click SETUP

Creating Kiosk

Once we have enabled the feature, we need to create the check-in kiosk for the Attendance Tracker.

We'll go to Kiosks

Don't forget to customize the check-in rules/messages for the kiosk

Launching the Kiosk

Once the Kiosk has been created, you can copy the URL (found under Kiosks button).

Paste the URL into a browser and enter the pin code to log in.

Players can scan their barcode, a QR code, or manually enter their Player ID # here.

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