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Financial & Transactions
Financial & Transactions

Take payments using our integrated payment services.

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Convenience Fees
Allowed Payment Types
Overview of Financial Reports
Set Up Payment Integration
Automated Refunds
Revenue Categories
Posting Recurring Fees
Overview of Integrated Payment Partners
How to Process Guest Fees
Exporting from CourtReserve to Quickbooks
How to Revert a Balance Refund
How to Print Detailed Invoices from Batch Billing
Batch Billing: Invoice Example
Manual Credit Card Swipe
Batch Billing: Membership Frequencies
Mass Update Billing Dates for Members
Tax Rates for Posting MISC Fees
Calculate Fee for Each Player
Transaction Custom Field
Members Paying for Court Reservations at the Time of Booking
Applying Credits and Misc Fees on Member Account
Missing a Revenue Category
About Stripe Fees
Batch Billing: Voiding Invoices
Batch Billing and Invoicing
Financial Reporting FAQs
Batch Billing FAQs
How to Collect Fees
Tax Rates Overview
Event Transactions
Setting up SafeSave Payment Account
Refunds, Partial Refunds and Rescheduling a Paid Reservation
Adding Tax to Memberships
Post Fees, Batch Billing and Point of Sale with Inventory Management, Payment and Sales Revenue Reporting
Setting up Payments inside CourtReserve
Cash Refunds
Transaction List Report
Custom Costs
Daily Revenue
How Member Credits and Balances Are Processed for Payments
Payment Profile and Required Payments
How to Refund a Fee
Transactions: Refunds Tab
How Members Pay for Fees on Mobile Device
Members Paying Account Fees
Processing Fees as Cash
Batch Billing: Regenerating Invoices
Transactions: Post Fees
Pending and Processed Refunds
How to Revert or Void a Payment
Printing and Emailing Receipts
How to Add Taxes to Court Reservations
Stripe Terminal Integration
Enable Stripe ACH/eCheck Integration