If a supporter asks you to cancel their pledge you can log in your crowdfunder account and click on your supporter tab.

Search for the name of the person to locate the pledge and then press the 'Cancel and refund' button next to that pledge...

2. They can cancel the pledge themselves.
When they are logged into Crowdfunder, navigate to the 'My Pledges' section of the user drop down menu in the top right hand corner... 

Then click on the plus sign next to the pledge they want to cancel

Then click the cancel pledge button

How long does the refund take to be credited back to my payment card?

The payment will be refunded immediately and it should be credited to your account within 3 working days however this is dependent on the card provider and it can take up to 10 working days. If you have been waiting longer than this please contact Customer Support .

There is no option to cancel?

If the cancel pledge button is not showing then please contact customer support and if the funds are still being held by Crowdfunder we can refund them. If the funds have already been processed then you (the project owner) will need to arrange the refund directly with the supporter once the funds arrive in your account

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