How regular donations work
How recurring payments work
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Regular donations are new to Crowdfunder!

Once you have donated on a project that has enabled regular donations you will be given the option to add a monthly payment to show your further support. The project should tell you what they will be putting your monthly donations towards.

You will be asked to enter the amount you would like to give every month, this can include a tip if you wish:

If you do not want to add a tip to your pledge you can set the amount to zero by choosing "Other amount".

Your first payment will be taken in 30 days, and then on the same day of the month after that. We will use your card details from your previous transaction to process payment.

To manage your regular donation, follow the instructions on your confirmation email, or head to the 'My regular donations' section of your profile.

When here, you will be able to view all of your regular donations in one place:

To edit your regular donations click on 'Manage regular donation', on this page you can edit the amount you are donating, the tip, and change your payment details. You can also see when your next payment is due to be processed and cancel or pause the payment if needed.

You can cancel your donation right up until the payment is processed and we will send an email 3 days before a regular donation is debited from your account.

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