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Q1. What is Yield Cleaning?

DecipherAg’s Yield Cleaning is the process of smoothing out and realigning inconsistent data points, identifying and fixing errors, and creating accurate yield data and images that you can rely on. With clean yield data, you can take the appropriate steps to improve and precisely target variability.

Q2. Why should I have my yield data cleaned?

In order to get a clear and accurate picture of what actually happened with your crop, you need clean and reliable yield data.

Yield data straight off the monitor might be imperfect due to a number of reasons, like your machinery is not properly calibrated, signal and grain flow delays, or start and end pass delays. In these cases, the data needs to be cleaned, so you can create zones and prescription maps from more accurate and reliable yield data.

Read more about the differences between Gridded, Contoured, and Cleaned yield data here.

Q3. How do I access Yield Cleaning?

Yield Cleaning is available by contacting Contact them to discuss pricing and which paddocks you'd like cleaned.

Q4. Can I view my yield data by variety?

From the yield menu option, you can select in the side panel to view your yield data on the map by the following options:

  • Raw (Gridded) or Cleaned (Contoured)

  • Season (year)

  • Crop type (commodity)

The option to view by variety is not yet available.

What is Yield Cleaning?

How do I have my yield data cleaned?

What is the difference between Raw and Cleaned yield data?

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