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What is the difference between Gridded, Contoured, and Cleaned yield data?
What is the difference between Gridded, Contoured, and Cleaned yield data?
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Gridded Yield Data Contoured Yield Data

"Gridded" and "Contoured" yield is the data that has been downloaded from a yield monitor and has been processed. "Gridded" and "Contoured" is referring to the way the data is displayed in a yield map.

Gridded yield is a form of displaying the data in cells, or pixels, formatted in rows and columns to create a yield map. Each cell contains a yield value for that pixel area.

Contoured data has been interpolated to smooth the yield figures around each of the data points to highlight areas of similar values. In DecipherAg, to create zones from yield data, the data must be contoured first.

DecipherAg Plus users can contact their account manager or DecipherAg Support to enable yield on their account. Once enabled, users can upload their own processed data for free (geoTIFFs only) or they can purchase yield processing by emailing

It is important that your yield data correctly represents the paddock's performance.

Cleaned data has had extreme outliers modified and where data from multiple headers have been integrated to create a more reliable representation of the paddock's actual total yield. Your zones and prescription files will be more accurate if you use cleaned yield data as the anomalies have been removed.

To purchase yield cleaning, email

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