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How do I assign a job to my sampler?
How do I assign a job to my sampler?
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Here’s how you can send a job to a sampler:

  • In DecipherAg, select samples.

  • Select plan a sample job and start planning.

  • Once you have selected the sites and finished planning the sampling job, select Send job.

  • Select ‘Send job’ (at the bottom of the sampling panel).

  • Review the sampling job title (edit if required).

  • Add notes to the lab (if required).

  • Assign your job, either to an existing sampler in your list

  • OR scroll down to 'New' to add a new sampler.

  • Fill out the sampler’s details including their name and current email. Once set up, the sampler will appear in this menu.

  • Add a farm contact including their name and number.

  • Select Send job.

That’s it! Once the job has been sent to the sampler they’ll receive an email giving them all the details they need to accept the job, and start sampling using DecipherAg Mobile.

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