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How do I collect samples with DecipherAg Mobile? - Planned Job.
How do I collect samples with DecipherAg Mobile? - Planned Job.
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Before you collect samples in DecipherAg Mobile you will need to:

  • Download the app from the Apple App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android devices.

  • Log in to the app.

  • Select your job from the Collect list.

Once you've selected your job you'll be taken to the Job Details screen.

Job Details

The map will show your location (blue dot), the orange pins for each of the sites that need to be sampled and the farm boundaries for that job. Below will show the progress of the job, the lab to whom it is being submitted and the billing details. Scroll down within the card to find the Submit button. You can drag the card down to get a better view of the map.  Drag it up again to view the card.

When navigating to a site, DecipherAg Mobile now indicates the distance from your location to the site via the use of two concentric circles 50m and 20m.

Note: You can submit a job at any time. When you submit, details of any sites you have completed will be queued to be sent to the lab. When you have a strong enough signal, any queued jobs will be sent. You must have the app open for these details to be sent.

Once you have navigated to the site, tap on the orange pin to begin sampling. This will open the sample site screen.

Sample Site 

Details of the job requirements at that site are on the card at the bottom of the screen. You can drag the card down to see more of the map, and drag it up again to view the site details.

  • Scan - Once you've taken your sample tap on Scan next to the correct depth. A live image from your phone's camera will come up with square guides for the barcode. Bracket the barcode in the guides and DecipherAg Mobile will scan it. If the scan fails you have the option to retry or manually enter the code.

  • + Sampling Task - If you need to add additional depths to the site, tap + Sampling Task. A new depth will be added which will default to the next range of 10cm. You can modify this by swiping the task left and tapping on Edit. You can Delete a task by swiping the task left and tapping Delete.

  • + Paddock Information - Paddock information should be added during the job creation process, but if it isn't, enter it by tapping + Paddock Information. After entering the paddock information once, it will be offered to copy it when sampling the next site.

  • Move Site - If you need to move a site, simply click on the Move Site button in the top left of the map, re-position the site using the target, then tap Done.

  • Delete Site - if you need to delete a site, simply tap on Delete Site. Note that you cannot delete a site while there is a scanned bag attached to any of the tasks for that site, so you'll need to remove them

Once all tasks for a site have been completed tap on Finish to close the Sample Site card. You'll be taken back to the Job Details card, and the pin for that site will switch from orange to blue.

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