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How do I switch between auto and manual navigation modes in DecipherAg Mobile?
How do I switch between auto and manual navigation modes in DecipherAg Mobile?
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Once you've logged in and selected your job you'll be taken to the Job Details screen.

The map will show your location (blue dot), the pins for each of the sites that need to be sampled (orange pins) and the farm boundaries for that job.

Located in the bottom right corner of the map is the locator button and the navigation button. The navigation button will either display a compass icon or a north-facing arrow, indicating which navigation mode you are in.


Auto Navigation

Manual Navigation

Auto Navigation Mode

When auto navigation mode is turned on, the button will display a compass icon.

With auto navigate turned on, your location will remain centered on the screen and the map will rotate to reflect your real-time directional changes. As you move across the farm, the map will update to show your new position on the farm map so that you do not need to touch the screen again until you arrive at your site.

To switch the auto navigation off, you can click on the compass button and start navigating manually.

Manual Navigation Mode

When manual navigation is turned on, the map is locked in position and will not update or rotate. In manual navigation mode, you will need to manually scroll to keep your location insight as you navigate around the farm.

How to scroll around your map while in auto navigation mode

In auto navigation, your location will remain centered on the screen while you navigate. If you wish to scroll to another area of the map to plan out the best route or if you want to read a nearby road name for example, you will first have to zoom in or out by pinching the screen, you can then begin to scroll to another location.

As soon as you have scrolled away from your GPS location the auto navigation has been temporarily paused and a "recenter" button will appear on the screen.

To resume navigating in auto mode, click the “recenter” button. The screen will then center back on your location and you can continue navigating.

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