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How do I create an adhoc sampling job in DecipherAg Mobile?
How do I create an adhoc sampling job in DecipherAg Mobile?
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The majority of sampling jobs in DecipherAg Mobile will be created in the web portal then assigned to the sampler. However you can start an adhoc job for an existing or a new client, whether you are on or offline.

  • On the Collect screen, tap on + New sampling job. You'll be taken to the Organisation list.

  • Organisation - The organisation list shows all organisations with which you currently have a relationship. You may an owner, admin, user or account manager, or you may have sampled for them previously. Select the business that you are sampling for, then tap on Next in the top right. If the organisation is is not in the list, tap on Create new at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Job Name - the job name will default to the Organisation name and the date. You can edit that to anything you like. Once you're happy with the job name, tap on Next in the top right.

  • Sample Type - tap on Soil or Plant, then tap Next in the top right.

  • Sample Tests - You will see a list of CSBP Laboratory test suites. Tap on the required test package. You can add additional tests to the package by tapping on + Add extra. Once you've entered the Sample tests, tap on Next in the top right.

  • Job Summary -  lists what you've selected so far. To go back and edit something, tap on the back button '<' in the top left. You add additional instructions for the lab by clicking on + Note to the laboratory. Create and save the job by tapping the Save and add site button.

  • Add a new site - when you tap the Add Site button in the top left, a marker will appear in the centre of the map. Scroll around the map to choose where to drop the sample site pin. When you've got the location correct, tap Done in the top left. Name your new site then tap Done in the top right. Enter the site and paddock name and tap Save to save the site. An orange pin will be shown on the map.


  • Add an existing site - when you tap the Add Site button in the top left, you will see white site pins appear on your map. White pins are your historical sample sites.

  • To add a historical site to your current sampling job, simply tap on it. When selected, the pin is highlighted orange and then just tap Done in the top left. Continue as usual by entering the site and paddock name and tap Save to save the site to this job.

  • Add additional Depths by tapping + Sampling task. You can edit the depth of a task by swiping the task to the left and tapping Edit

  • If the job requires paddock or sample information to be entered, you'll need to do that for each site by clicking + Paddock Information (Soil) or + Sample information (Plant). Paddock and Sample information is automatically copied between sites.

  • Once all the depths for a site have been sampled, and all the required information entered, complete the site by tapping on Finish in the top right of the Sample Site card. The pin for the site should turn Blue.

  • Submission - Submit your job, or part of a job, by tapping the Submit to laboratory button on the Job Details card. You can partially submit your job at anytime, which will queue details of any sites that you've already finished but not yet submitted to be sent to the lab. If you have a signal the details will be submitted immediately. If you're offline they'll be placed in a pending state and sent when you're back online.  More details on submitting jobs while offline can be found here. Once you've finished the sampling job you'll need to submit any remaining sites.

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