DecipherAg’s Site Suggestion tool is available to DecipherAg Plus or Biomass+ users only.

The Site Suggestion Tool uses zones created from imagery or yield to suggest the most favourable location for each sample.

Representative soil sample sites reflect paddock variability. Too few samples or too many in one area can skew the results with follow-on impacts on the fertiliser recommendations. The number of suggested sites is based on the size of each zone. For a site to be suggested, the zone must be at least 1ha in size and larger zones will have more sites suggested to adequately cover the area. The Site Suggestion tool factors in the irregularity in the shape of each zone and suggests site locations that are evenly distributed over the management zone, avoiding zone borders and areas too close to paddock boundaries.

How to add suggested sites:

  • In the ‘Add Sites to Job’ toolbox on the top right side of the map, select ‘Auto’.

  • Use the drop-down menu to choose which zone file to use. This will turn on the zone layer.

  • Hover over each of the paddocks to view the suggested sites which will have a red ring around them.

  • Click on the paddock to add the suggested sites to the job. As you add sites for each paddock, the ring will change to blue and you’ll see the sites appear in the sampling panel on the left.

  • Sites will be auto-named using the following format; Paddock Name – Zone Number (1 – 4, where 1 is the lowest biomass and 4 is the highest biomass) Alphabetic Letter (to differentiate sites per zone).

  • In the sample panel on the left, click on the paddock name to reveal the individual sites.

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