DecipherAg users can plan, assign sampling jobs, collect the samples, send sample information to CSBP Soil and Plant Lab, and then view the results on the map.

To plan a new sampling job:

  • Either select the Samples icon in the left menu, then click the ‘Plan a sampling job’ button in the top right of your map.

  • OR select Manage Jobs from the Manage icon and click the 'Plan new job button'.

  • Select sample type: soil or plant samples and click the next button.

  • Select sample method: Multi

  • Select which CSBP test package you require from the list. You can customise each package with add-ons if required. Click the next button.

  • Confirm billing details.

  • Select the farm you plan to sample.


To add a new multisite:

(A) Click +ADD NEW,

(B) Click on the map within a paddock boundary and add sites,

(C) Name the multisite. If you need to add a sample depth, click on Add a Sample.

(D) Click Save

To add an existing multisite

(A) Click Select

(B) Click on the existing multisite. This will automatically populate the multisite name.

(C) Click Save.

To add another multisite to the same job, click ADD A MULTISITE.

To assign your sampling job:

  • Select ‘Send job’ in the bottom of the sampling panel.

  • Review the assigned job name and edit if required.

  • Assign your job, either to an existing sampler in your list, or add a new sampler ensuring their email address is correct.

  • Once you’ve assigned your job, the contact taking the samples will receive an email notifying them it’s ready for collection in DecipherAg Mobile.

Read more about collecting planned multisite samples with DecipherAg Mobile.

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