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Resolving Your Own Pain Using CTB
Resolving Your Own Pain Using CTB

There are many ways in which you can use CTB principles to treat your own pain.

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We have a zipcode searchable directory of qualified CTB therapists at While there are still relatively few therapists trained in this revolutionary method, we are adding new listings on a regular basis as our students become qualified.

If you wish to receive a session from a highly trained CTB practitioner and can travel to the Chicago area, please visit the CTB Clinic Page.

The CTB method is also highly applicable to self care. We have helped many people with our free, easy to understand web classes on self-treating two of the most common pain areas: shoulder and neck pain, and hip, low back, leg and groin pain (sometimes called sciatica).

Register for these classes below, and you will learn a lot about where pain originates and how CTB works to address it.

Fix Your Own Shoulder Pain - register here.

Fix Your Own Sciatic Pain - register here.

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