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Back Pain and Failed Back Surgery
Back Pain and Failed Back Surgery

Back surgery does not correct back pain.

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Unfortunately, back surgery commonly fails to fix back pain, and often makes the problem worse - so much so that it is now considered a diagnostic syndrome, FBSS (failed back surgery syndrome). Studies in the medical literature have shown a fail rate of 50%, and with each successive surgery the chances of a successful outcome decrease by half...This is because many spinal surgeons assume back pain is due to disc degeneration in the spine, but there is actually a very low correlation between back pain and disc degeneration.

In the research of Drs. Travell and Simon, and in our own clinical experience, most pain is due to trigger points in muscles, including back pain. But in conventional medical training and practice, the muscular sources are overlooked. In CTB therapy, we understand and work with the muscular sources of pain and thus can often resolve back pain conditions even after unsuccessful invasive medical interventions. In the case of low back pain, as with sciatica, the most common source of pain are the gluteal muscles, which are easily treated by CTB therapists. We also have a sciatica self care course that teaches individuals to treat these muscles themselves that you could benefit from. Find out more at

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