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Replacing Muscle Liberator Parts
Replacing Muscle Liberator Parts
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Muscle Liberator™ Heads

Our silicone CTB-designed heads are extremely durable and if used properly (i.e. not on an angle) are known to regularly last upwards of 2 years. We use them every day ourselves, and we don't encounter breaks or tears.

If you use the tip at an angle, or drag it on clothing while applying pressure, it could cause the shaft to be ripped by the head mount. This is inevitable with softer grades of silicone. It is very robust with compression, but can be ripped with sharp angular pressure. The Muscle Liberator is a powerful machine, and there is no need to add additional pressure. Its effectiveness comes from understanding the CTB analysis method and using the tool to treat the correct muscles. It provides powerful distraction to the nervous system, not by "breaking up scar tissue" which is how many non-CTB therapists think of their work.

Please check your heads carefully when you receive them for any small tears or defects. The heads are produced on professional molding equipment, and defects are extremely rare. Because we cannot control the manner in which you use the machine, we guarantee the heads for 30 days after you receive them. After that, you will need to purchase a replacement.

If you wish to order additional heads, you can do that in the Tools & Equipment section of our online store.

Muscle Liberator™ Batteries & Charger

Please note that if your battery is flashing red and green when you initially plug it into the charger, it is most likely that you haven't pressed it in far enough, or the metal contacts need to be pried out with a small screwdriver so they make better contact with the charger and tool. Please attempt this before reaching out for a replacement. If you have attempted this and you're clearly still having issue with the battery staying charged or not charging at all, please submit a ticket at and explain the specific scenario.

Muscle Liberator™ Tool

The Muscle Liberator is a very well-built professional machine. It is very rare to have a malfunction with the actual tool, so before you reach out, please go through the Muscle Liberator™ Guide thoroughly to ensure proper use. If you are seeing a malfunction within the first year of receiving the tool, please submit a ticket at Video of the malfunction is helpful.

If you wish to purchase an additional tool, you may do so here. Only those who already have our training will have access to purchasing. For this reason, you must be logged into your account in order to make the purchase.

Muscle Liberator™ Lite Tool

If you have a malfunction with your Muscle Liberator™ Lite, please submit at ticket at with a video demonstrating the malfunction. We guarantee with Muscle Liberator Lite for 6 months from date of purchase.

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