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Muscle Liberator Comparisons
Muscle Liberator Comparisons

How the Muscle Liberator™ stacks up to other tools.

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What's the difference between this tool and all the other tools on the market?

A lot. We've tried the tools out there and they're typically just not as powerful, either due to the slower speeds, shorter throw of the head or the less powerful motor. We are also the only tool we're aware of out there that provides bone-safe heads of silicone that go down to 1/4" in diameter, making it possible for you to focus the tool on individual muscle fibers. Many of the stronger tools out there don't have variable speed or they do, but you need your second hand to adjust it. Our tool provides a trigger, so you can change the speed with just a squeeze.

How does the Muscle Liberator™ compare to other tools?


The Hypervolt is a tool we've experimented with in hopes of replacing it with our Muscle Liberator.™ However, we quickly realized the Hypervolt is simply not as effective due to the shorter throw and size of its heads.

Despite it being lighter by around a pound and quieter, the motor is simply less powerful and the shorter head throw mean that it doesn't pack the same punch as the Muscle Liberator.™ The heads provided with the Hypervolt are also broad and plastic. Plastic is not a material we recommend over bone and none of the heads are specific enough for the muscle-fiber-specific training we do.

That said, if you already have a Hypervolt and are interested in one of our silicone heads for it, so you can get more specific, you can purchase one on our online store.

We have sourced our own version of the Hypervolt for those interested in a lighter, quieter and CHEAPER tool (esp. if working in a spa setting). We call it our Muscle Liberator™ Lite. If this is of more interest to you than our Muscle Liberator,™ once you register for our CTB Membership, you can email us and request the ML™ Lite.

If you have a Hypervolt and would like a discount on your CTB Membership training, we can provide you a special coupon. Just let us know in the chat.


The TheraGun was one of the first tools we looked at when deciding what direction we wanted to go in with our chosen percussion tool. While it's promising, the Muscle Liberator's™ silicone heads make it a winner every time. TheraGun uses foam heads, which simply don't have the durability that silicone does. On top of which, they're all 3-4 times larger than any heads we would recommend, as you simply can't get fiber-specific.

We do not yet have a head designed for the TheraGun. However, if you have a TheraGun and would like a discount on your CTB Membership training, we can provide you a special coupon. Just let us know in the chat.

Muscle Liberator™ Lite

While lighter and quieter than our standard Muscle Liberator,™ the Muscle Liberator™ Lite is also less powerful. With the quiet and weight difference comes a difference in motor strength. We have found that the standard tool is more effective at distracting the Central Nervous System (CNS) and providing the desired change in muscle fiber. That said, many practitioners and clients simply prefer the lighter, quieter option.

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