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How do I donate to charities on Daffy?
How do I donate to charities on Daffy?
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You can make one-time or recurring donations to any of the over 1.5 million US-based charities on Daffy.

Like any donor-advised fund, Daffy must approve all donation recommendations to ensure that the charity is approved by the IRS and that the donation meets the criteria in our Member Agreement.
If we are unable to approve or complete a donation recommendation, we will contact you with the reason.
At the end of the year, you can download a receipt for all your charitable contributions, making tax time easier than ever.

Note: By law, donation recommendations cannot lead to a "more than incidental benefit" for your or your family. For example, donation recommendations cannot be used towards tuition payments, tickets to an event, or to cover a legally binding pledge. Learn more here.

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