Daily9's programme is structured in a manner that works well in communities or groups who would like to take up the programme together.  A corporate setting is a great example of this.

With quizzes, mini-challenges and scoring, plus sharing of ideas within the group, the buzz of challenge in your group can give you and your groups that additional fillip to help yourself to do better and achieve your goals.

It also helps you implement healthy living in your workplace and eat better in real life scenarios - like your office canteen.  We have found that this helps in having a great time during the D9 programme and also results in long-lasting success with weight control and healthy living.

We've implemented the D9 programme in groups ranging from 50-500 people and bigger groups are certainly possible.

If you'd like to explore this for your company, drop us a line at hello@thedaily9.in and we'll be happy to discuss this with you.

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