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Goal-setting with streaks
Goal-setting with streaks

How to motivate yourself with streaks

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What is a streak? Simply put, it is the number of days in a row where you answer 'Yes' to a question.

For example, 2 consecutive days of 'Yes' to Veggies = a Veggie streak of 2. So you could have a streak going for each of the 9 questions (3 questions if you are on the D3).

A 'No' breaks a streak 😌.

The perfect streak for a question would be 7 out of 7 in a week.

In addition, answering the D9 or D3 itself could be something you could have a streak on. Don't underestimate the power of the daily check-in!

Think of this as an experiment and maybe set yourself a target on a few questions, maybe areas you're great at or areas that you want to work on. Like a 6/7 on sugar or 7/7 on exercise. Or just a 7/7 on answering the D9/D3 every day. Whatever is achievable but will also challenge you.

Remember, finding the right sized streak is more important than a longer one. For example, the 6/7 on sugar means you can have a treat every week. If you tend to get caught up with streaks, think of them as a cycle. You have a cycle of 6 days and then you ease back on the 7th day. Now, do that again next week. And the next week.

And remember: do this only if it will help you focus. If you've got enough to deal with and want to focus on getting into the D9 groove, then don't worry about this for now. You can always do this later in the programme - whenever you are ready.

For more on streaks and cycles, you can check out this blog post by Coach Arvind.

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