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Selecting your plan
The D9 timeline: How it works
The D9 timeline: How it works

When do you move to a new plan, planned breaks

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What this article covers:

Daily9 is built on monthly blocks

The Daily9 program allows you to decide what you want to work on each month.

We know that every month is different. Some months you want to be super focused and work on weight loss, while other months your life is very busy and you just want to maintain your weight or focus on healthy habits.

As an example, you might want to focus on:

  • weight loss during January-March;

  • weight maintenance & habits during April-September; and

  • weight loss again in Oct-Dec to finish the year strong.

Daily9 allows you to do all of this!

All you need to do is decide at the start of the month what you want to work on. You do this by picking a plan from the different D9 plans. We've discussed this below.

Overview of the different D9 plans

In the D9, you will have the following options:

  • The 'All 9' plan, where you will work on all 9 areas of the D9. This plan has a focus on weight loss and building habits across all the areas - diet, exercise & sleep.

  • One of the 4 habit formation plans, where you will focus on 3 selected areas of the D9 (D3 plans). Here is the focus is weight maintenance (not weight loss). Each of the 4 habit formation plans cover 3 areas, and you can select the one which works best for you depending on your goals and your current situation. To read more about the different habit formation plans available, click here.

Your app will show you the different options (as below), when it is time for you to pick one:

How and when do you switch between the different plans?

To give you a bird's eye view of the D9 timeline, check out the image below:

  • In the first 4-6 weeks, our priority is to get you to learn about & start practicing the D9. To help you do this in a structured way, you first practice Portion Control (just carbs, protein & veggies) for a few days. After that, you practice all 9 areas - the 'All 9' plan.

  • After this, you decide what next! With advice from your Coach of course πŸ˜„. You select your plan at the start of the month. You can either continue the All 9 plan or pick a habit formation D3 plan. This is what you will focus on and track for that month.

  • At the end the month, we have built in a short 3 day break, when you will not have to answer the D9 questions. The 3 day break will always be Friday-Sunday.

  • On Monday you start your new chosen plan. You will do this for the rest of the month until the next 3-day break.

  • The above process repeats each month. So each month the flow = Pick your plan --> Follow & track it for the month --> 3 day break.

No matter which plan you pick, you will answer the daily questions (9 or 3 questions depending on your plan) and submit measurements each weekend.

Planned breaks

As noted above, we have built in a short 3 day break, when you will not have to answer the D9 questions. This will happen at the end of each month (your home screen will show you when the break is due).

Why the break?

  • We want to ensure D9ers can take a break after working hard for the most part of a month. Everyone needs time to just chill!

  • Without a little bit of a break, we find that the daily tracking can become too much and stressful.

  • And so, rather than be ON all the time, we inserted a bit of OFF time. It does NOT mean that you go haywire and undo all your efforts in building good habits πŸ˜„.

Got questions? Just reach out to your Coach!

Click below to read about how you can plan your D9 year, across the different plans.

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