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Supported and Unsupported Devices

Wondering which smartphone or tablet is the best to use with Myndlift?

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Myndlift app is available on Apple iOS and Google Android.

Apple iOS system requirements

  • iPhone/iPad with iOS 13 and above

  • Myndlift is available for download on the AppStore.

Google Android system requirements

  • Smartphone/tablets with Android operating systems 6.1 or higher

  • Requires Bluetooth LE 4.0 or higher

  • Myndlift is available for download on the PlayStore.

Choosing a device

There are many considerations when choosing a device as some devices have hardware components that can interfere with the performance of the Muse headset, internet connectivity, Bluetooth and more, and can further affect the user experience of the Myndlift app.

For more details, please visit this article published by interaXon: What devices are compatible with Muse?

Smartphone vs. Tablet

There is no difference between the Myndlift app available for smartphones and tablets. For greater visual engagement, our preferred choice is a device with a larger screen.

Have a specific device you're considering and want to check if it's supported? 

Send us an email to!

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