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How to export TMC (turning movement counts)?

Looking for interval data? Sure! Check our Turning movement counts!

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If you are looking for gate statistics in relation to time, you can use Turning Movement Count's export. Based on this report you can get the information about moving objects within gates per 3 defined time periods (Minor, Major, and Overal). The length of each period is up to you!

To export data about Turning movements, go to the Analysis menu, and choose Export Traffic Analysis to Excel File.

Whole video sequence – You can choose whether to export the whole video or only part of it.
Turning Movements Analysis Periods – Division of analysis into sub-intervals into 3 categories:

  • Minor – The whole analysis will be split into minor intervals.

  • Major – Intervals are defined by the number of Minor intervals.

  • Overall – Intervals are defined by the number of Major intervals.

The exported excel file consists from the sheet Overview, Gate Statistics, and Turning movements (overall and split by object category):

The overview sheet is divided into two separate parts: 

  • Survey overview that includes information about the video (date, time, and length of video creation) and information about Minor, Major, and Overal Period. 

  • Overall statistics: you can see the overview of objects, the number of objects from each category, total distance traveled within the video or Average speed in the analyzed video.

Sheet Gate Statistics summarize information such as the minimal, maximal, and average speed of objects at the moment of passing each gate and you can see the count of each object that passed through the defined gate as well.

Sheet Turning movements – Summary includes gate passing information for each entry and exit gate in each defined minor, major, and overall period that you have set. Other sheets display turning movements for each category of the object separately (cars, medium vehicles, heavy vehicles, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrians).

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