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How to export gate crossing data?

When you have sucessfully set up gates and need to get some analytics.

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If you are new here see an article How to set your own gates to be able to set the data for Gate info: Passed Vehicle export.

Gates are virtual lines that are crossed by vehicles and other tracked objects. You can set your own gates at any place in the video and you can change them any time you want. Gates are used to count each kind of object in one or both directions or you can set gates to get more advanced analysis such as O-D matrix, gap time, time to follow, or average speed of the object within two gates and others. In this article, you can see how to export gate crossing data to .CSV file such as the following one.

There are two possibilities how to export gate crossing events. You can export data for each gate or you can export overall statistics for all gates that you have set in your video. If you have decided to export information about one specific gate, choose the gate in section Traffic Analysis Objects. You can see overall data such as Gate Unique ID, Gate Tag, Passed Vehicles (Count), Vehicle Flow (per 30 min), Avg. Speed [km/h]. Once you click to Show in section Detailed info, a new window called Gate Info: Passed Vehicles opens. Here you can see the list of all objects that passed through the chosen gate. In the Types field, you can check which types of objects you want to display. If you double-click a track row in the table, a track appears in the scene view. 

You can get all the information about all the virtual gates that you have set within the video.

You can export table to .CSV format for further analysis if needed. See the example below.

To get export for all gates that you have set in the video go to Analysis – Export Gates Crossing Events to CSV File.

Your extracted file will include the following data.

  • Gate ID - Unique ID of the gate that you have set.

  • Track ID and Type - Unique object that passed through the defined gate (Gate ID).

  • Image ID and Time [s] - Exact image ID and second of the video, when the object passed the gate.

  • Speed, Tan. Acc. [ms-2], Lat. Acc [ms-2] - Exact speed and acceleration of the object, when the object passed the gate.  

  • Headway [s] and Headway [m] - Is the distance between vehicles (boot of the first vehicle and front of the following vehicle).

For headways you can calculate statistics per each gate that you have set:

If you want to get visualized export such as picture or video see the article How to visualize data in the video and export visualization.

Do you want to use gates for advanced analysis? Check other articles:

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