How to make a visual export from DataFromSky Viewer?

Present your visualized data easily by exported picture or the video!

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Do you want to present your data to colleagues and do not know how to make an export out of your video? Set your own object flags, gates, traffic, or action regions or visualize the speed of a car by color-scale trajectory, use speed, acceleration, or other heatmaps to make your message clear. With DataFromSky you can decide whether you want to export your traffic survey to a simple snapshot or export video based on set parameters.
See an example, how our partner COWI exported visualized data:

Before you create a snapshot in video export, make sure that you have visualized all data that you want to see. For more information see an article on how to visualize data in your video to be sure you did not miss anything. Once you can see your gates, traffic regions, or heatmaps, you can start with the export.
You can create a snapshot of the current view by clicking the File - Export Traffic Survey Snapshot or by pressing the P key on the keyboard.

Video export can be done in the File menu - Export Traffic Survey Video. In the new window set Output Path, quality of the video, duration of the video (you can export the whole video or only part of it), and export Area. Once you click Export! video creation starts.

Each video export includes Logo DataFromSky in the left top corner. This logo is not removable. You can not exchange the logo for your own. In case you are looking for a white-labeled solution, contact us for more information.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

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