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DataFromSky is a cloud-based video analytic platform for deep and fully automated traffic analysis from videos taken by drones or standard cameras including panoramic. The output of the video analysis is a small extract in the form of trajectories that contains detailed data about each object in the video, including category and color. This extract is then analyzed for various traffic tasks with numerous analytical functions it offers via professional desktop application DataFromSky Viewer available for free.

Why is DataFromSky unique?

  • Super-accurate data suitable for commercial and research purposes - the most precise solution at a microscopic level

  • Possibility of measuring a wide range of advanced parameters thanks to the trajectory-based approach - created according to traffic standards 

  • Impeccable control of outputs thanks to extreme detail in displaying and simple export of results - interact with each detail of the traffic data within any millisecond of the video 

What sets us apart from competing products - what to look at when evaluating different providers of traffic analytics

  • Stabilization of the input movie - always check whether the trajectories are consistent with the underlying video source - without stabilization, the trajectories can easily be positioned in the middle of the neighboring woods if your drone is not stable enough. (AERIAL only)

  • Correct Tf and Tg computation with selectable reference planes

  • Georegistration tool for accurate results in real-world coordinates

  • Re-identification of the targets - if the car goes under a bridge or hides behind a tree for a moment, we know it is the same car and produce a single trajectory. More discontinuous trajectories in the output are not better!

Do not believe it? Try it for free with one of our examples here for Aerial and here for Light

The DataFromSky story is dated since 2013 when we started with the development of an advanced video analysis system for aerial videos. The idea was simple, yet revolutionary - use the drones for ultimate traffic monitoring, extract the super-accurate telemetry data about each road participant from the drone video and create an interactive tool for traffic engineers which allow them to play with the data in the way they need (no hard-wiring solution). After several pilot projects, DataFromSky was born. 

Nowadays, DataFromSky is well tested and trusted platform utilized in many research and commercial projects in more than 90 countries, available online for everyone with the Internet and standard PC. Thanks to the long-term development of the key video analytic components, DataFromSky was recognized as a reinventing platform by not-only traffic-related companies such as COWI, GHD, ROELOFS, LEIDOS, but also the academic sphere (collaborating with more than twenty universities) and AI HW solution providers such as NVIDIA (read blog about DFS at NVIDIA). DataFromSky was also awarded by Deloitte as 23rd fastest-growing company in the whole Central Europe with 729% revenue growth in 2019. Convince yourself of the quality of the service on your own videos for free.

The philosophy behind DataFromSky in three sentences:  

  • No black box solution - we do not hide the results from video analysis under statistics 

  • Guarantee of 100% results with credit refunds - we believe in our outputs

  • Data is yours - no further payments for anything you will do with the data/respect the privacy 

DataFromSky is composed of two advanced platforms — DFS LIGHT and DFS AERIAL. The AERIAL platform serves for traffic analysis from the bird’s eye view, using the state-of-the-art technology in the microscopic view on data. LIGHT version serves for standard traffic research in mass-scale using fixed cameras and numerous functions from the AERIAL platform. Both versions of DataFromSky have their real-time versions. Do not hesitate to contact us on using or use this online form: contact us!

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