How to visualize objects and their interactions?

Display distance between objects or specific location within the video

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Display distance of an object from others based on your requirements, measure distance within the video, or add a note label directly to the video. You can export all these features to video or snapshot export as well.Β 

Set the maximal targeted distance radius in a menu after right-click to the chosen object and see the distance from other objects based on your parameter.

You can combine this feature with safety analysis to visualize the distance between objects not only in seconds but in meters (or feet) as well.

Are you looking for the exact position of point or object within the video or measuring distance between two or more points? By right-click choose Show position. New position label within the video shows. This position might be shown in UTM or WGS84 system (it is up to you). In case you insert more of these labels, you can see the distance between these labels as well.

In case you want to point out some important location in the video, you can add your own notes to the video. These notes will be visible in your visual export.

Are you curious about what are distances between objects? Set your own gates within the video and choose Show Target Headways in the main menu. Distance (in seconds and meters) between vehicles that pass the same gate shows.

If you are looking for data export of interactions between objects see an article How to set Gap Time and Time to Follow data?

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