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How to update FLOW on DFS Linux OS Movidius TrafficCamera (B8M40-110F30V2 and B2M7-55F70V1)
How to update FLOW on DFS Linux OS Movidius TrafficCamera (B8M40-110F30V2 and B2M7-55F70V1)

Step by step guide for updating FLOW on your DFS Linux OS TrafficCamera

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This is a guide for updating DFS Linux OS Movidius TrafficCamera (B8M40-110F30V2 and B2M7-55F70V1). To learn how to do an online update for the TrafficCamera with Azena OS (AZB8M40-100F30V3 and AZD8M40-102F15V4 models) refer to this guide.

There is a major change in updating TrafficCameras with a version lower than 1.15.6 ! To update such devices please get in touch and we will update it for you.

Follow the steps below to update FLOW on your DFS Linux OS TrafficCamera.

How to update the camera

Find and download the appropriate version of the update package (the .bin file) for your camera from the provided website and do the following:

  1. Connect to the camera using SFTP (you can for example use WinSCP for this)

    • Port: 22500

    • User: update

    • Password: update.flow1

  2. Copy the file into the home folder

  3. Open the web interface and start up the camera and then press the Reboot button in the System tab on the Device page.

After the camera boots up, the system on the camera will be updated. You can verify successful update in two ways:

A. Connect to the camera again using SFTP and check the content of the home folder; in this folder you will see the update_result file containing information about the update and the uploaded update package will be automatically deleted after the update is finished

B. Connect with the appropriate version of FLOW Insights. If the major or minor version does not match, the connection will not be established. You can check the Hotfix version in the Block tab and in the Diagnostic section under the Version attribute.

To access the updated camera you need the same minor version (second number) of the FLOW Insights running on your computer. Download the latest version of FLOW Insights here: .exe or .zip You can download older FLOW Insights versions on this page. For more guidance on how to get FLOW Insights, refer to this article: How to Download and Install FLOW Insights


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