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How to Customize Your Star Rating Badge?
How to Customize Your Star Rating Badge?

A guide on how to use the star rating customizer

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In this article, we will guide you on how to customize your star rating badge in your store. Having customized star ratings can make your product page and product categories look more attractive and professional.

What is the Star Rating Customizer?

The Star Rating Customizer is a tool that allows you to customize the star ratings under product titles on your product page and product categories. This means that you can change the appearance of the star ratings to match your store's branding and aesthetic.

How to Customize your Star Rating Badge?


In the Debutify Reviews App Dashboard, click on Display Reviews.


Select Star Rating Badge.


Go to Look & Feel. Here you can customize the text, font size, font family, and color. As well as, the star size, the default color, and the disabled color.

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