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What is the solution for No Certificate Found Error with dg deploy?
What is the solution for No Certificate Found Error with dg deploy?

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  • When running dg deploy, the following error appears: “Error: No applicable iPhone Distribution or Apple Distribution certificate found on your Mac.”


  • Apple Distribution Certificates and/or the corresponding private keys haven’t been installed on your Mac.


  • Please install Apple Distribution Certificates on your Mac:Prerequisites: A valid Apple Developer Program account is added to XcodeGo to Xcode Accounts settings. Please select the applicable Apple Developer account Team and click on Manage Certificates. Select Apple Distribution after clicking on the plus (+) button on the bottom left of the page.
    (Please see the “Create a signing certificate” section of the help article: note that you can’t generate certificates if you’ve already reached the limit for the number of Apple Distribution Certificates.
    You can share existing Apple Distribution Certificates by exporting them from another Mac device which has already installed Apple Distribution Certificates.


  • This error can occur even if apps can be installed on iOS devices through Xcode. If you are using Xcode 7 or a later version, Apple Distribution Certificates are not necessary when installing on a local device. For all other distributions, certificates and corresponding private keys are necessary.

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