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Using DeployGate
Using DeployGate
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DeployGate usage on iOS simulator and Android emulator
When I created my account, I registered as a “developer” or “tester.” Is there a difference in the features that I can use?
What is an Old Plan? How do I find out if I have an Old Plan?
When I try to change my email address, an error message appears: “Another Organization or Enterprise has already sent an invitation to this email address.” How do I change my email address?
How do I switch from an Old Plan to a Current Plan?
Is there the application upload size limit?
What restrictions apply to Organizations created with a Corporation & Organization Plan if I cancel the plan or the trial period ends?
"Your email address verification is incomplete." is displayed
How can I change my email address registered to an account?
How do I contact DeployGate if the FAQ doesn't address my issue?
Can I use DeployGate on-premises?
How can I login to an app?
What should I do when Install button is not shown?
What is a distribution page?
What is the solution for No Certificate Found Error with dg deploy?
How to invite testers to download your apps?
Can I protect the distribution pages from unexpected access?
How to add the maximum number of distribution pages?
What's a version history?
Can I use DeployGate when I use MDM server?
How can I update distributed app's revisions?
Can I find the DeployGate App on the App Store?
How can I use DeployGate with Bitrise?
How can I stop the installation request message loop?
How do I add/remove Workspace Administrators?
What is a Workspace?
How do I migrate apps from an Individual (Free) Plan to an Enterprise Plan?