If you still have questions or encounter errors even after viewing the FAQs, please contact DeployGate.

You can contact us via one of the following methods: email, chatbot, and inquiry form.

Email address: help@deploygate.com

Chatbot: The chatbot bubble is at the bottom right of this page

Inquiry form: https://deploygate.com/contacts/new

If you are an existing DeployGate user, please include the following information to expedite our investigation and let us assist you more quickly.

  • DeployGate username, Organization name, and/or Enterprise name

  • OS type (for technical inquiries)

  • OS version (for technical inquiries)

To locate your username, Organization name, or Enterprise name, please see below.


You can find your username on the top right of your Dashboard after logging in to DeployGate.

Organization name

There are two ways to find your Organization name.

・Organization Settings page

From your Dashboard, select the username icon at the top right of the page to open a dropdown menu. Select “Organizations” to view your organizations.

You can also access the Organizations list by expanding the menu below your user image on the left of the Dashboard.

Select the Organization and go to “Settings” > “Organization settings” to view the Organization name.

・Organization URL

You can also find your Organization name from the Organization’s URL. The text displayed after “https://deploygate.com/organizations/” in the URL is your organization name.

Enterprise name

You can find your Enterprise name from the Enterprise Admin Console’s URL. The text displayed after “https://deploygate.com/enterprises/” in the URL is your Enterprise name.

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