What is an Old Plan?

Old Plans are plans that DeployGate offered before April 21, 2022. If you signed up before this date, you may have an Old Plan.

Specifically, the following plans are considered Old Plans.

  • Free

  • Lite

  • Free [early]

  • Lite [early]

  • Pro

  • Biz

  • Personal Free

  • Personal Pro

If you signed up on or after April 21, 2022, this does not apply to you.

Please visit the following page to see the plans that we currently offer.


How do I find out if I have an Old Plan?

Log in to DeployGate and visit the following page. If you are on an Old Plan, this message will appear: “The XXX Plan has been discontinued”


Please visit the following page for information on how to migrate to current plans.


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