Organizations created with a Corporation & Organization Plan (Trial, Startup, Business, Large Business) have limited functionality within one year of canceling the plan or ending the trial.

Please note that, as per our data retention policy, your Organization’s data will be saved for one year after canceling a plan or ending a trial. If you subscribe to a new plan within this period, you can resume all normal operations and functionality immediately.

Please visit the following page for more information about inactive accounts and the data retention period.

Please visit the following page for information on how to subscribe to a plan.

The following functions are available for Organizations whose plans have been canceled.

  • Delete or download previously uploaded apps

  • View and Organization’s teams and members (users who have joined the Organization and teams with assigned users)

  • View logs

  • Remove members

  • Delete Organization account (Note: The previous four functions will no longer be available if you delete the Organization account. Account deletion will also permanently delete the account data.)

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