Invite a client in to request a project
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You can gain access to the various promotional links and materials by clicking through to your "My Projects" page > and then clicking the
[ Invite Clients ] button in the top right.

At the top of the screen, select which page your client will land on:

  • Packages Page (requires additional setup)

  • Questionnaire Page (without paying)

Select which questionnaire you would like to share from the drop-down menu. You have the option of creating multiple questionnaires and choosing which ones to share with specific clients.

And then pick your promotional method:

  • Promote Your Design Questionnaire by Email

  • Promote Your Design Questionnaire on Facebook

  • Promote Your Design Questionnaire on Twitter

  • Grab Your Design Questionnaire Page Link

  • Add a 'Invite Client' Widget to Your Website

And then your potential client will click your link and be directed to either your Packages page or Questionnaire where they can initiate a project request.

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