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Add to DesignFiles Browser Clipper Troubleshooting
Add to DesignFiles Browser Clipper Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting steps for common browser clipper issues

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The "add to DesignFiles" browser clipper more or less works the same all the time and on all websites. However, different websites have different encryptions and formatting.

Some are even designed specifically to block software and extensions from downloading, copying, or otherwise accessing their images. Sometimes it comes down to the specific image where some items on a website would be accessible but one or two images are encrypted.

We have found numerous workarounds for many websites, so whenever you come across any of these, just let us know and we'll let you know if we already have some steps in place. 😊

However, here are the most common issues and Work-Arounds...

1. Browser Clipper extension does not open.

This happens when the website blocks the clipper completely. Most times we can get around this by installing the CSP extension and enabling it.

You can access the details on this extension here:

Please note it requires Google Chrome) and After enabling the [CSP], please refresh the page before clipping.

2. Error Indicating that the images are too small

As the error suggests, this happens when the images on the page are too small. In viewing the page, the image may look large, but the actual image that the clipper has access to on the page may be a thumbnail which would be too small to clip. We limit the size of clippable images to ensure that the image clipped does not display blurry on your designs.

When it's too small to clip, the aim is to try to locate a larger version of that image. This is sometimes very easy, other times it's a bit tricky.

a.) Clip the zoomed version of the image. - Many modern websites have a zoomed version of the image that you can access by clicking on the image on the page. Oftentimes, you are able to clip this version even if you initially received an error on the smaller version.

When you open the clipper, select the price and anything else you want to load in the clipper first.

Then click on the image so that it zooms in.

Then click on the image picker and click back on the zoomed image to load it in the clipper, then clip. 

I know it may sound a bit confusing so here is a quick video showing it being done on one of those websites. :

b.) Clip from a new window - This is often an easy workaround for many clipper obstacles.

This works by right-clicking [for Windows] or control-click [on Macs] on the image, opening it in a new window, and then using the clipper from the new window. The only caveat is that you will have to manually copy and paste the pricing and description details as they will not be in the new window.

c.) Change image size - Occasionally, even after opening the image in a new window, it is still too small to clip. However, you can sometimes change the size of the image from within the URL. Here is a video showing an image that was opened in a new window and its image size changed so that it could clip:

3. Clipper loads but the image does not load to be clipped or it loads the wrong image.

Sometimes the image that we see is not the one that is presented to the clipper. However, you can usually load the correct image one of two ways.

a.) Use the arrow buttons - These are located to the sides of the image box. Use them to scroll to the correct image.

b.) Use the image picker button - use it to select and load the exact image you would like to clip.

4. Error message stating that something is preventing the image from being clipped.

This can happen for any number of reasons. The best bet would be to try opening the image in a new window first and clip from that new window. If the website prevents you from opening the image in a new window, you could try using the image downloader.

Occasionally we come across websites that are set up to deter you from downloading or saving their main images. So we sometimes add another Chrome extension called "Image Downloader".

With this extension, you would go to the page of the item and click the "image downloader icon" in your extension bar. It then populates every single image on that page.

You would then look for the image that you wish to clip, right-click and open it in a new window. In the new window, the image will likely not have any restrictions and can be clipped or downloaded. 

Disclaimer: This extension is not associated with DesignFiles, it's just an additional extension that we have found handy. You can get it by going to: chrome://extensions/

Search: Image Downloader

5. Trade Accounts

Another reason you may experience clipper issues is if you are clipping from a logged-in trade account.

Websites with logins often disable the clipper once the user is logged in for security or privacy reasons.

For these websites, we recommend clipping the public facing image or creating a public collection and then clipping from it. A public collection would be a collection of images that you could share with clients and they could view them without logging in.

If none of the above troubleshooting steps works for you, please reach out to our support team with a link to an exact item that you are trying to clip answer will try it on our side to ascertain the best workaround.

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