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Creating and Mapping QuickBooks Product Categories
Creating and Mapping QuickBooks Product Categories
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If you sync your DesignFiles Invoices with QuickBooks online, you'll be happy to know that you can now create product categories in your DesignFiles account that you can sync over to QBO.

If you have not yet integrated your DesignFiles account with QuickBooks online, you can learn more about this process here

Creating and Mapping Product Categories

Step 1. Navigate to the QuickBooks setup page on DesignFiles from within your Settings Menu.

Step 2. On the QuickBooks Sync page, you will see the option to map your product income to a specific Income Account in QuickBooks.

However, below that, you will also now see the option to create and map specific product categories.

To create a new category, select the "Manage Categories" option.

Step 3. Within the Manage Categories page, select "New Category" to start building your list.

Step 4. Once you have saved all your categories, you can now go back to the QuickBooks sync page and begin mapping them. You can choose to map them all to one income category or to specific income categories if this is already set up in your QuickBooks account.

When complete, they will show listed on the page along with their mapped income account.

Selecting Product Categories in an Invoice

Now that this is all set up, let's take a look at what this looks like in your invoices.

When you are in the invoice editor, you will notice a category column.

If you are not seeing this column on your invoice, double-check the invoice configuration to ensure the category toggle is on to display this column.

Now you can go ahead and select the appropriate category for each item on the invoice by selecting the category dropdown.

Once this invoice is submitted and synced over to QuickBooks, you can review it to see if it's categorized properly.

You can quickly jump to the invoice on QBO by selecting the invoice's 3-dot menu in DF and choosing the "View on QuickBooks" option

For the above invoice, the categories will be displayed as shown below when viewed in QBO

You will also note that these categories are available in your reports as well. Here is an example:

This allows you to quickly see how much you're billing out for these specific product types.

Important Note

If your product categories are already set up in QBO, ensure that the information matches exactly when adding them to DesignFiles. This will ensure that they sync up perfectly.

Otherwise, it will be seen as a different category and you may end up with duplicate categories in QBO.

This feature is available in our Full-Service Plan

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