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Connecting File-based Storage Apps
Connecting File-based Storage Apps

Guide to setting up File-based Storage Apps

Written by Shilpa Mahajan
Updated over a week ago

There are a number of file-based storage apps available in the Apps section:

  1. Google Drive

  2. Google Cloud Storage

  3. Azure Blob Storage

  4. Amazon S3 Storage

  5. Microsoft OneDrive

These apps make it possible to read data from and write data to those services.

To activate an app, simply navigate to Apps from the left-hand navigation menu:

Click on an app, for example "Google Cloud Storage", and then click "Add" in the pop-up side panel:

A new "Configure app" pop-up window is displayed:

You should now enter details that will enable the App to connect to your storage account.

For all file storage apps - except Amazon S3 - you are presented with the relevant permissions that Dexi needs for the connection to the service to function.

A "Sign In" pop-up page is displayed. Enter the relevant details and after selecting "Next", your password, before finally proceeding to the "Stay signed in?" section. Here you may select "Yes" or "No" as your response does not affect the app. You may also be asked to grant permission for the app to have access to the service. If so, select "Yes".

Once permissions have been granted, the "Sign In" pop-up window will disappear and you will be back on the "Configure app" pop-up window. You will find your account info has been added.

Now you will need to enter the details depending on the app.

Google Drive

You will need to enter "Default path" on your drive where you would like the results to be placed. Dexi will automatically create the folder if it does not already exist. Ensure a forward slash "/" precedes the name of the folder. If you don't need sub-folders, just enter "/".

Google Cloud Storage

You will need to provide "Bucket name" on your Google cloud storage account.

Azure Blob Storage

Please see Connecting the Azure Blob Storage App for details on how to configure the Azure Blob Storage app.

Amazon S3

  1. In Amazon S3, make sure that you have configured the required permissions to perform read/write operations.

  2. Enter the Amazon S3 access key and access secret. Best practice is to create a new access key and access secret for Dexi to better control access to your S3 account.

  3. Enter is the "Bucket name".

  4. Choose the "Amazon Region" where your bucket can be found.

  5. Enter is "Default path". The base path to the Amazon S3 folder where you would like the results to be placed. If you don't need sub-folders, just enter "/".

Microsoft OneDrive

You don't need to enter any additional information.

Test Configuration

Once the app configuration details have been filled in, confirm all is OK by selecting "Test Configuration". If all OK, you can then select "Create".

If the test configuration fails, please re-check entered values. If entered values are correct, the issue could be due to the permission level set in the service.


The App is now available for you to use in Pipes or via Triggers.




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