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💌 How messaging works
💌 How messaging works
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Messaging on DialMe is designed to be a straightforward and enjoyable experience, allowing you to connect with creators in a personal and meaningful way. Here’s a breakdown of how you can start messaging and what features you can expect.

Starting a Conversation:

  1. Check Messaging Rates:

    • 🏷️ Before initiating a conversation, you can view the messaging rate on the creator’s profile. This ensures you know the cost per message beforehand.

  2. Reload Your Wallet:

    • 💳 Make sure your wallet is loaded with enough credits to start and sustain a conversation.

  3. Sending Messages:

    • ✉️ Every time you send a message, the corresponding credits will be deducted from your wallet.

Free to View Replies and Additional Features:

  • 🆓 Receiving Messages is Free: You won’t be charged for receiving replies from the creator. Reading their responses costs nothing.

  • 💡 Send Tips as Appreciation: Show your appreciation by sending tips within the conversation. Use your credits to express gratitude.

  • 🔓 Unlock Private Media: You can use your credits to unlock exclusive media shared by the creator in the conversation.

Interactive Messaging Options:

  • 👆 Long-Press for Emojis: Want to react to a specific message? Simply long-press it to leave an emoji reaction.

  • 🚫 Report Inappropriate Messages: If you encounter any message that feels inappropriate, you can report it directly within the chat.

  • 🎙️ Voice Notes Option: Feel like speaking instead of typing? Use the voice note feature by clicking on the microphone icon.

Uniform Pricing for Diverse Message Types:

  • 📬 Voice, Photo, or Text - Same Price: Whether you send a voice note, photo, or a simple text message, the price remains the same as set by the creator. No extra charges for different types of messages.

Our Commitment to Your Experience:

  • 🔒 Safe and Enjoyable Interaction: We prioritize making sure your conversations and overall experience on DialMe are safe and enjoyable.

  • 🤗 Feel Great on DialMe: Our platform is built to ensure you have the best experience while connecting with creators.

With DialMe, you’re not just sending messages; you’re building connections. Dive into the world of personalized interactions and enjoy the unique features that make your conversations special.

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