There are times when the gifts are not working or not being added to your order details. Here are the possible reasons why:

Offer’s start and end dates:

In case you’re using the start date and end date feature of the app, please make sure the dates are updated and properly configured, otherwise Gift Box might not display the offers.

Buy it now buttons:

Gift Box is not compatible with these buttons either as Shopify has designed the buy it now button to allow customers to directly go to checkout with only one individual product and nothing else, so it is technically not possible for Gift Box to add the Gift.

We always suggest you disable this feature so that the Gift Box works properly in your store.

If you’re still experiencing issues with the gifts not being added to your order details after reviewing the possible reason above, please contact us at so that we can further investigate.

Other possible reasons can be related to:

Conflicts with another third-party app:

Sometimes, there may be a conflict with another third-party app or script in your theme. We will investigate what script is the root cause and consult with you. Often, the scripts are just leftovers from an app that is no longer installed and can be safely removed.

Your customers proceed to checkout before the app is loaded:

We can add the Gift Box script to your theme so the app will load faster and become more reliable. Sometimes, it can happen that customers go to the checkout before the app script is loaded, and therefore there is no free gift.

AJAX cart is not recognized by our app:

If you are using an AJAX cart (mini-slide-in, drawer) cart in your store, it may not be recognized by the app. We can usually fix it very quickly so, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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