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How to prevent customers from getting free gifts when the discount decreases the threshold?
How to prevent customers from getting free gifts when the discount decreases the threshold?

Learn how to make Gift Box calculate the total spend that your customers added to the cart with or without a discount code applied.

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As you probably know, discounts are applied at Shopify's checkout page by default, where it's no longer possible to manipulate the products (gifts as well). Due to this, sometimes customers were able to get a free gift based on the total value of the items in the order, regardless of whether or not a discount code was applied.

To solve this, we have developed a workaround to "teach" Gift Box how to recalculate the cart value properly when a discount is applied, and assess if customers are eligible for free gifts.

With this new update, the app will show your customers the total value of the items they have added to the cart. If they use a discount code inside the app, the cart value will be decreased by the value of the discount. The updated cart value will then be compared to the threshold set up for the free gift to determine if the customer is eligible for it.

This setting is disabled by default, but activating it is very simple. All you have to do is go to your Gift Box settings, make sure you have the Discount Codes feature activated, and check the box that says ''Adjust current spend when the discount is entered'' as the image below shows:

Don't forget to click on ''Save'' to apply the changes.

Once you do this, your customers will be able to see, in the Gift Box pop-up, the total current value of their order:

If they add a discount code, your customer will see the value of the discount and the total amount they will be paying:

As you can see in the screenshot above, the app is now telling your customers they need to spend €75.00 more to get the free product instead of €50.00, because a 50% off discount is being applied to the items they have already added to cart.

For more information on how to enable a discount code with free gift(s), please click here.

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