How does Last Upsell work?

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Last Upsell is an app focusing on upselling products and services after the order is completed by the customer. It offers upsells in the pop-up right after the checkout order status page (Thank you page) is loaded.

You can upsell anything your customers might find attractive - whether it's products (specific products or Smart Upsells) or services that don't cost you much but can help you gain additional revenue (such as gift packaging, extended warranty or mystery products.

Why the pop-up?

Are you asking why the pop-up? Based on our experience pop-ups with upsells are more effective since they catch the attention of customers better. The pop-up itself is very minimalistic so that customers don't consider it discouraging or spammy.

To avoid any confusion and ensure customers about their order being placed successfully, there is a confirmation message "Your order is confirmed" included in the pop-up:

What happens from the customer point of view?

Your customers can now add upsells to their order. If they add at least one upsell and hit the Continue button, they get redirected to native UI for additional payment.

If the additional payment is successfully paid customers are taken to order status page again, however, the upsells are not being offered again, so you don't need to worry about the app constantly overwhelming your customers with additional offers.

In case Automatically remove unpaid upsells is enabled, the additional payment can be finished only until Time to pay upsells before removal runs out. After that, upsell items are automatically removed from the order.

How does the app process additional items?

Last Upsell uses Edit Order API to add additional items to orders. If the order is edited the customer should receive the email informing them that their order has been edited.

To know how the Order Edited email looks, you can go to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Notifications > Order Edited.

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