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How do Button Action Settings work?

What do these options mean?

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Candy Rack Settings enable you to change where the Continue, Close, and No, thank you buttons in the pop-up lead your customers. But what do these options mean?

You can pick one of the following options for the Continue, Close, and No, thank you buttons, individually:

  • Theme settings - respects the setup of your Theme and copies the behavior of the Add to Cart button. Wherever the Add to Cart buttons in your store are supposed to take the customers, that's what the Continue/Close/No, thank you button with the "Theme settings" action selected in Candy Rack will do.

  • Redirect to Cart - will take customers to the cart page

  • Redirect to Checkout - will take customers straight to checkout

  • Stay on page - no redirect, the customer will remain on the page where the parent product was added to the cart

Exception: if you're using the Upgrade (true upsell) feature, please note that if the customer decides to add the true upsell to the cart and hits the Continue/Close button, they will always be redirected to the cart page. This flow is vital in order to avoid any technical issues. If you indeed need a specific setup for Upgrades, our team should be able to customize this flow for you, so don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Please note that the above-mentioned button settings are relevant only for pre-purchase upselling but not for post-purchase placement on the Thank You page. More information about placements in Candy Rack can be found in this article.

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