Our Fakturoid connector change overwrites changes from Shopify to Fakturoid. But it can change the invoice only once.

Check if you inserted the Fakturoid webhook Into our app on Shopify

Webhooks are telling our app when there is some event in Fakturoid.

You can check this in our app's "Settings" section.

Here's where you'll find the Webhook on the Fakturoid website

If you don't have it in settings or you just want to check if it is correct:

Go to "Settings" -> "Connect other apps" -> "Webhooks". Copy out the webhook, paste it to our app and click on "Save".

Check if you didn't change a slug (subdomain to your Fakturoid account)

Slug is a unique directory that we use to reach your invoices in fakturoid (save or change them).

You can find a slug for example in the URL of your account.

Check if you didn't exceed the number of API calls in your Fakturoid plan

Every Fakturoid plan has a certain number of API calls, which means a certain number of events made by 3rd party apps like ours.

If you are unsure, about how many events you can send for specific plans check out Fakturoid pricing. If you want to figure out how much did you already use this month, check out your settings page-> "Connect to Other apps".

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