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How to add the Zasilkovna widget before placing the order
How to add the Zasilkovna widget before placing the order

Plus plans only - learn how to display the widget on the page with shipping methods

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This guide only applies to stores on Plus plans.

Recently, Shopify introduced a new way to enhance functionality on your checkout and order confirmation pages. This method, called checkout extensibility, eliminates the need for manually inserting code into theme pages and extends functionality, particularly for stores running on the Shopify Plus plan.

How to add the widget before the customer places the order

Go to your Theme editor and click on the "Checkout and new customer accounts" section to open the "Shipping" page.

Click on "Add app block" in the bottom left corner.

Choose the Zasilkovna app block.

After adding the app block, you might want to enable the option "Allow app to block checkout". When enabled, a customer cannot proceed until they choose the pick-up point.

If you choose not to enable this feature, a customer can proceed further, and you can allow them to select the pick-up point after they've placed the order (just follow a guide here).

If they haven't done so at all, our app will send the customer an email reminder with a link to the order status page, where they can then select the pick-up point ex-post, enabling the order to be fulfilled. You can find more information here.

After finishing the setup, simply click on the "Save" button, and you're all set!

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